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Cayenne by Example

Illustrating some of the major features of the Apache Cayenne ORM framework using simple examples.

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Web Applications

Cayenne Version 3.0.2
Project Directory WebApplications
Source Directory WebApplications/src/main/java (Cayenne and Tapestry classes)
Resource Directories WebApplications/src/main/resources (Cayenne Model and Tapestry templates)
WebApplications/src/main/webapp (web-specific resources, such as CSS, JavaScript, web.xml)
Inputs N/A
Compiling/Running cd WebApplications
mvn clean compile
mvn jetty:run
Open URL http://localhost:7890/cbe/
View/Edit Model mvn cayenne-modeler:run
Status Code: Very Lacking
Documentation: Very Lacking

This example illustrates integrating Cayenne into a Java-based web application. The following frameworks and techniques are utilized: